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Concierge Radiology


Since the 1980’s,  medical imaging technological advances have propelled radiology into the forefront of health care.  Medical imaging exams, such as CT scans and MRI, are now one of the most important tools used by your doctor for diagnosis and screening.  


As a result, imaging facilities have become much busier.  The average radiologist is now interpreting over 100 exams a day.  That means they are spending less and less time evaluating your individual exam, less time consulting with your doctor, and no time at all in consultation with you as the patient.  This combination of factors can lead to misdiagnosis and miscommunication of important imaging results. In fact, errors of this kind may occur in up to 5% of exams.

This program has been specifically designed to give you the maximum benefit from your medical imaging exam.  From start to finish, your concierge radiologist  will be your personal consultant, providing you with guidance and expertise to ensure the best quality, most accurate, and most thorough radiology evaluation tailored specifically to your medical history.


This degree of individualized physician service is offered through a “concierge” or “VIP” relationship.  This is a model of care whereby the patient, for an annual service fee, receives unlimited Physician access and consultation for the services and benefits as outlined below. This patient -physician relationship is entirely separate from, and additional to, the basic, standard level of radiologic interpretation which is provided automically to you and your doctor by the facility where your exam is performed. Our goal is to greatly enhance that basic level of Radiology care and provide the ultimate in personalized professional radiology consultation. We feel that this is a premium service geared towards patients who strive for the best in health care.  

Be an informed patient.  Be an active participant in your heath care.  Use Concierge Radiology to help you and your family  maximize the health benefits of medical imaging for wellness and disease detection.

Please see below for a description of benefits and services you will receive as a Concierge Radiology Patient:



Motivation and Improved compliance:

As radiologists demonstrate imaging findings to patients, this actually improves compliance with treatment recommendations already in place from your doctor. A simple example of showing patients images of their internal carotid artery calcifications, in comparison to a normal artery, will give them a visual concept of their atherosclerosis and emphasize the importance of cholesterol-controlling medications and lifestyle change.


Reduce communication errors:

Too often, radiologists' reports are entirely accurate, but important findings are understated or misunderstood by referring physicians and patients.  Likewise, ambiguous reports or exam limitations may result in erroneous assumptions.  Avoid potential miscommunication by having a detailed and personalized Radiologist consultation regarding imaging findings and limitations.


Empowering Patients:

A “show and tell” of findings directly to patients empowers them to understand their own bodies, increasing their autonomy, enhancing the health care experience, and boosting their confidence in the medicat treatment.


Diagnostic errors in 5% of Radiology Exams:  

Don’t let it happen to you!  According to leading national experts, positive findings are missed on 5% of Radiology exams ( CT, MRI, mammography, ultrasound, and xray ).  Second opinion interpretation, especially when directed by patient communication and detailed history, dramatically improves diagnostic accuracy. Have a second intrepretation of your exam performed by subspecialty experts and reduce the risk of missed diagnosis.


Personal Image Archive:

Secure, private online permanent archive of diagnostic imaging procedures and test results.  All exams and reports instantly available to patients and their health care providers through a web based system with password protected access.


Pre-imaging Guidance:

Medical imaging is big business.  Facilities are competing for your imaging but vary greatly in quality of equipment and patient care.  Access to an independent, unbiased resource is very important to help you choose the right local facility for your exam.


Radiation Safety:

Medical imaging is now the greatest source of radiation exposure.  Nationally, there is increased awareness and efforts to address this.  However, most community facilities are slow to adopt the newest modifications for reducing patient radiation.  Find radiation conscious facilities in your area and know how to limit your exposure.


Screening for Disease:

Is whole body MRI screening the right exam for you?  Do you need screening chest CT?  What about MRI of the breasts?  Pro-active screening with medical imaging can save lives but beware of scams and false advertising, potentially exposing you to unnecessary testing and radiation.


Health Maintenance:

Early detection saves lives.  Find out what the American College of Radiology recommends for routine imaging screening for diseases like colon cancer, breast cancer, aneurysms, and many others. Receive quarterly news letter with the latest patient oriented Radiology information specific to your personal and family history.


Expedite test results:

Get immediate results for your imaging tests with written report and consultation explaining all imaging findings and recommendations.


Be an informed patient:

Radiology reports filled with technical terms can be difficult to understand.  So many things are described but which are significant?  Was everything evaluated thoroughly considering your family history?  Was the exam compared to your previous study ? Personal consultation regarding your exam allows you to ask all the questions regarding your test.  This interaction and communication between the radiologist and patient is a crucial component of the medical imaging process, too often overlooked in a busy imaging facility.